Whirlwind trip to San Francisco over the weekend.

Currently feeling like such an adult
  • New car registration
  • New license plates
  • Dropped $100 off of my Comcast bill every month
  • New headlights, air filters and transmission fluid in the Aveo
  • Oil change
  • Bought an awesome new laptop
  • Paid a huge chunk of my car payment

Today is such a productive day.

My girl 👯❤️🎡 (at Six Flags St. Louis)

My girl 👯❤️🎡 (at Six Flags St. Louis)

Thanks dad.

Thanks dad.

Bread is one of the most beautiful things in the world, and the only thing more beautiful than bread is broken bread, because then you can share with a friend.
Take me back.

Take me back.

It’s true, I mean the important thing is how you feel in them and how you like them. If you can see, think you’re a badass bitch while still being cute, sophisticated, womanly, whatever it is, I say keep em.
Seattle, Day 3

Drove to Snoqualmie Falls
Lunch at a hole in the wall BBQ joint
Hiking up Rattlesnake Ledge
Visit to the house where Grey’s Anatomy is filmed
Dinner at the local Mexican place

Please don’t make me leave.

Seattle, Day 2

Rode the monorail to the Space Needle
Visited the Chihuly Glass Museum & Garden
Took the monorail back to visit the First Starbucks
Souvenir shopping at Pike’s Place
Cruise around Elliot Bay
Salmon, Halibut, clam, mussels and prawn dinner at Iver’s
Monorail back to the Space Needle to check out the view at night.

Amazing. So exhausted and so happy.

Never let me leave.

Seattle trip, Day 1

Pike’s Place Fish Market
Put gum on the famous Gum Wall
The Crab Pot for lunch
Underground tour of old Seattle
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company
Back to Jones’ for dinner

Basically been the perfect trip so far.

My friends know what’s up.

My friends know what’s up.